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Politically Correct Profiling

Posted by Steve Markowitz on July 23, 2011

Today we have a piece from guest writer, Jim Mahoney.  While Jim is always on the mark, this article is especially important at this time.

Next to America’s (and other Western countries’ debt obligations), political correctness poses the greatest danger to the civilized world.  That’s right, these two issues are here today and far more dangerous that Global Warming.

Thanks Jim for your thoughtful article.

Politically Correct Profiling, Jim Mahoney

Just the other day, this Blog ran the story about the Department of Homeland Security releasing a promotional video to ostensibly help Americans spot unusual behavior that could be sign of terrorism.  In addition to the bad acting and implausible situations, the video portrayed virtually all of the potential “terrorists” as white, male Christian conservatives, while all of the “vigilant” citizens were black, Asian and middle eastern.  So much for the dangers of profiling that liberals constantly warn us about.  I’m also reminded of the aftermath of the Fort Hood shooting, in which the President admonished us within hours of the tragedy to not “jump to conclusions”, even as the facts revealed that the shooter was a Muslim Army officer.  All of this brings us to the horrific shootings and bombing that just occurred in Norway.

I happened to be listening to the radio this morning, as the periodic news updates about the tragedy began coming in.  The first report said that the police had apprehended a “blue eyed suspect’.  A later teaser described the suspect as “an anti Islamic Fundamentalist”.  By noon they referred to him as a “Christian fundamentalist”.  Switch any of these descriptions and tell me if the narrative would fly.  What media outlet would ever dare to describe a suspect as a Middle Eastern, anti Christian, Muslim fundamentalist, even if the evidence overwhelmingly pointed in that direction?

Political Correctness and the mainstream media have advanced a paradigm that now requires us to immediately headline the transgressions of white Christians, while downplaying, or even ignoring, the actions of Muslims, lest we be labeled as reactionary, racist, Islamophobic and intolerant.  Evil is evil and its perpetrators should be punished regardless of their religion or nationality.  This madman in Norway should be tried, convicted and punished to the fullest extent of Norwegian law.  Please let us also convict him for what he has actually done without the imposition of any additional “thought crimes”.  The media are already beginning to refer to Oslo as “Norway’s Oklahoma City”.  Anyone care to make a wager on how soon it will be before the moon bats at MSNBC are drawing parallels between Norway and American Tea Party and/or the debt ceiling debate?


6 Responses to “Politically Correct Profiling”

  1. You’ve got to be kidding, even though this is no subject to kid about. The New York Times, CNN, The BBC, to name three “liberal media” outlets, were right out of the gate making connections between the Oslo bombings and al Qaeda and other Islamist groups, even naming names of likely suspects in Norway (for example one associated with an Iraqi Kurdish imam there). For the first several hours of the breaking story, listeners were pumped with what turned out to be totally irrelevant facts about Norway’s and Oslo’s Muslim citizens.

    You must have come to the news late. The media very slowly let go of the standard Muslim suspect line. It was all very reminiscent of the Oklahoma City bombing, which I know many of you on the right regard with some nostalgia. It’s interesting, isn’t it, how people of certain views or even just certain ethnicities get typecast by association with terrorists in the neighborhood of their flock.

    • Jim Mahoney said

      I was in no way attempting to make light of the situation. Did you miss the part where I said he should be punished to the fullest extent of the law? In making your case against stereotyping, you also do a pretty good job of projecting your own typecasting of people of certain views by implying that conservatives hold some sort of nostalgia about Oklahoma City. Everyone I know feels that Timothy McVeigh got what he deserved for the evil he caused. However, I suppose that in your mind conservative is just another work for militia. In that regard your views mirror that of the American mainstream media.

      To use your words, I did come to the news late, having not followed any of yesterday’s news coverage. My reactions were purely to the news teasers I heard on the radio. Their tone was almost gleeful that the suspect turned out to be home grown and they characterized him in ways that would not be used if the ethnicity had been reversed..

  2. […] just came upon this amazing paragraph from a right-wing blog, referring to yesterday’s terrorist attacks in Oslo and Utoya: I happened to be listening to […]

    • Christofpierson (CoP) was kind enough to list this humble Blog in his. However, his intro on Jim Mahoney’s article was telling of CoP’s views. “I just came upon this amazing paragraph from a right-wing blog, referring to yesterday’s terrorist attacks in Oslo and Utøya.”

      Instead of focusing on the thesis proffered in that article, he begins with name-calling (“right-wing blog”) to define the material before it is read. This is an obvious attempt to marginalize the thesis proffered before it is read. This tactic, which is tantamount to “don’t confuse me with the facts”, is offended used at the fringes of the Left and the Right in an effort to stifle intellectual discourse. For example with Progressives on the subject Global Warming, should one proffer any other view than it is caused by man’s use of fossil-based fuels you will be immediately labeled a wacho. On economics, any attempt to stop the spending in Washington (robbing from our children) makes you an obstructionist or someone that wants to put grandma out on the street.

      Jim Mahoney’s take on the media’s double standard and bias have merit. It is that reality that also caused Cop to call it “amazing”.

  3. Jim Mahoney said

    I visited CoP’s blog and also noticed that he cherry picked my article and posted only the second paragraph, giving his readers the impression that I was defending the Norwegian psycho killer. This enabled him to deliver what he believed was his clever response to earn him high fives from his progressive followers who will never bother following the link to my original article to read all of my comments in context. Once again, a liberal presents himself as the guardian of free speech while trying to selectively frame the debate to his own advantage.

  4. Jim Mahoney said

    The headline in today’s New York Times:

    “As Devastation Becomes Apparent, Norway Charges Christian Extremest”

    I rest my case.

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